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0003528: Problems with HAVP - MantisBT
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0003528Endian FirewallApplication Level Proxiespublic2011-03-09 12:012011-03-25 16:58
0003528: Problems with HAVP
This issue contains all the tickets which are generated by problems with HAVP.
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related to 0003362feedback lorenzo-endian Endian Firewall havp uses a lot of memory on 2.4.1 CE 
related to 0002731feedback lorenzo-endian Endian Firewall HAVP Server down 
related to 0003221feedback lorenzo-endian Endian Firewall http proxy don't returns anything after some time. If flush cache of Squid, the firewall works again correctly 
related to 0003501feedback  Endian Firewall HAVP on content filter crashes and SMTP Proxy stops processing messages 
related to 0003447new  Endian Firewall HAVP - akamai DM problem. 
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