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0003541: Improve ASA interfacement - MantisBT
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0003541Endian FirewallHotspotpublic2011-03-16 17:372011-08-12 16:34
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0003541: Improve ASA interfacement
there is an option for ASA on which you select which ticket you want to be added to the user (you are not allowed to change the price of a ticket, because it would destroy all balances)so you have to rename the ticket and create a new ticket with the new price.

In order to get it to use the ticket you have to select the new ticket on the ASA settings page.

Moreover, another problem could arise, because old user for example have the old post paied ticket so the user has to manually expire those tickets in order to get their surftime accounted with the new ticket.

The solution would be, man can change the price of a ticket, a new rate is created in the background and the old is linked to it for reference on old accounting entries.

Simon has already discussed the weird behaviour together with ASA, that on every logon a ticket is added which should not be done but was allways done this way thats why we did not change it....

The feature request could be summerized as follows
1. make rate editable -> if the rate changes a new rate is added and the old rate is linked to it if a new ticket with that name is added allways the newest entry is used
2. with asa a ticket should only be added if the user is not able to surf anymore + if the postpayed ticket used is deprecated (rate price was changed) it should be expired and the new one should be added
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parent of 0004114resolved simon-endian Guests are not charged in ASA if the ticket templates are renamed 
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