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0003542: OpenVPN - account certificate generation - MantisBT
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0003542Endian FirewallOpenVPN Client and Serverpublic2011-03-17 14:272011-03-17 14:27
0003542: OpenVPN - account certificate generation

I've got an openvpn server installed on a linux machine and i would like to migrate it to EFW.

Every account of my openvpn server has a password and a certificate.

On my current openvpn server i generate the account certificate using the build-key script in easy-rsa/

On EFW, in the Advanced settings i see the option on Autentication types "X.509 certificate & PSK (two factor)"

But i don't see anywhere, when create an account, the option to generate an account certificate?

I think would be great to have on the account tab an option when creating the account to also generate it's certificate and the option do download it.

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