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0003543: Multiple IPs / interfaces on GREEN and BLUE zones - MantisBT
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0003543Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2011-03-17 14:462012-10-18 14:44
0003543: Multiple IPs / interfaces on GREEN and BLUE zones

I have the current setup on my network: - local lan - management lan - wireless 1 - wireless 2

How can i route everything inside EFW?

EFW only lets me add one IP for each zone :(

I would like to have someting like this:

eth0 - (GREEN1)
eth1 - (GREEN2)


eth2 - (BLUE1)
eth3 - (BLUE2)

When will someting like this be possible on EFW?
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2012-10-18 14:44   
Maybe making it possible to add more zones would be great.