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0003578: Endian Firewall can't be installed from USB flash drive. - MantisBT
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0003578Endian FirewallInstallationpublic2011-04-04 09:102011-09-21 06:20
0003578: Endian Firewall can't be installed from USB flash drive.
I tried to install Endian from usb flash drive many times, but it doesn’t work at all. I tried unetbootin, USB Image Tool (from your guide), dd command in Linux. With USB Image Tool and dd command instalation doesn’t start at all (black screen), with unetbootin shows blue screen after loading files. I also tried to make bootable usb stick using unetbootin and CentOS iso. And it works well! After replacing "vmlinuz" image and instroot.gz (and renaming this position in syslinux.cfg)* from Endian's iso it again doesn’t work.
If i make bootable USB stick using unetbootin and Endian's iso, and replace these files to files from CentOS's iso it also work fine.

I tried many different configurations in syslinux.cfg. I unpacked Endian's initrd.img, etc, etc. So, i decided that something wrong with Endian's vmlinuz/instroot.gz.

There is no cd/dvd drive in my system, and i had to put it in this system from another computer to install Endian.

*because initrd.img in CentOS's iso doesn't packed in instroot.gz.

Sorry if i wrote something wrong, my English still rather bad.
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2011-09-15 16:36   

i have the same problem, did u solved it ?

2011-09-21 06:20   
I think this problem can't be solved without help of developers.