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0003591: Running Network Wizard after configuring IPSec Net-to-Net leads to unreachable GUI - MantisBT
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0003591Endian FirewallVPN - IPSecpublic2011-04-07 13:572012-06-28 17:59
0003591: Running Network Wizard after configuring IPSec Net-to-Net leads to unreachable GUI
Step to reproduce it:
- Configure a Net-to-Net IPSec VPN to another firewall and make sure that the connection is established (I did not try if it matters, but with this situation the problem arises)
- Go on "System" >> "Network configuration"
- Change e.g.: the DNS
- Click on "Apply configuration" at the end of the network configuration
- Try to reach the GREEN GUI
rar error.rar (158,263) 2011-04-12 14:55
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2011-04-12 14:54   
same problem. if we switch-off the IPsec module, all interfaces communications works again. if pluto on, only a restart helps... you can find in the attached file the message log, the first rc.netwizard.reload start on "Apr 12 12:15:55" + IPsec is on. "Apr 12 12:43:06" IPsec is off, and all the interfaces comes up.

we start the next test today at 17:00 clock