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0000036: Change NTP from NTPDate to NTPD - MantisBT
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0000036Endian FirewallGUIpublic2006-10-02 13:542007-01-02 07:55
0000036: Change NTP from NTPDate to NTPD
I am requesting that the NTP mechanism be changed from NTPDate to NTPd. Seems kinda harsh for NTPDate to force the time every hour instead of letting NTPd adjust it as needed.
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2006-10-05 23:02   
well, this is because the ntp restart script is not yet a python script which easily produces the ntp configuration file using cheetah.
in this manner it simply was easier for us to implement the give functionality of a ntp server, which publishes the *local* time and don't update if the user would like to keep it's own time for what reason ever.
as soon as we have cheetah templates the cron-ntpdate script will disappear, since the checkbox "dont automatically synchronize" may control the sync behaviour of ntpd.
i also planned to give the possibility to change the timezone within this cgi...
2006-10-25 20:43   
is implemented now. will be shipped with the next release