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0000367: Ntop crashes after a time "Segmentation fault" - MantisBT
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0000367Endian FirewallOther Scriptspublic2007-12-09 09:552010-09-23 14:15
0000367: Ntop crashes after a time "Segmentation fault"
Ntop crashes after a time and he eats a lot of memory ,I have 512 MB installed and when I start ntop he eats 100+ after a time.And the graphs are not updating at all, sometimes they are working a bit and then they stop working.I will run ntop with debugging info and see if it tels me something that a can fix .I think the only problem is that the system runs out of memory.
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parent of 0000101closed peter-endian ntop "free of null pointer" 
related to 0001993acknowledged  ntop logs error info: "free of NULL pointer @ http.c:3787" 
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2007-12-10 16:48   
This needs an upgrade to a newer upstream version
2008-01-08 15:32   
We now use ntop version 3.3 the problems seems be releated to the version 3.2.

thank you for the report.
2009-05-30 10:27   
as currently reported on the efw-user mailinglist this issue still occurs [^]
2009-05-30 10:31   
above reopened by me :-)

indeed, ntop-developers already received an ticket for 3.3 on this: [^]