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0003711: Web Proxy Antivirus blocked Files are not listed in the Logs - MantisBT
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0003711Endian FirewallGUIpublic2011-05-10 08:242011-06-03 07:19
0003711: Web Proxy Antivirus blocked Files are not listed in the Logs
I think that by the anti-virus proxy blocked files should be listed in the logs. Interesting would be the date, the URL of the blocked file, the filename and the client ip-adress. Unfortunately I could not find this informations in the GUI.
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2011-06-01 16:25   
Hi Horst,

aren't they written in /var/log/havp/access.log?

Thanks in advance!

2011-06-03 07:16   
Hi Lorenzo,

thank you for youre answer. Yes they are written in /var/log/havp/access.log. But there are no information about the internal IP-Adress of the Client who want to download the infected file and which kind of virus was found. Futhermore it would be nice if these information are integrated in the log viewer of the web-interface.

best regards Horst.
2011-06-03 07:19   
Hi Horst,

you are completely right, it would be nice to have :D

Thanks for the support and the ideas!

Best regards