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0003746: Traffic graphs limited to 1.2 MBps - MantisBT
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0003746Endian FirewallGUIpublic2011-05-16 23:132013-02-03 01:59
0003746: Traffic graphs limited to 1.2 MBps
Traffic graphs do not show speeds greater than 1.2 MBps.
When traffic exceeds 1.2 MBps the graph is not plotted (see screenshot attached).
I was downloading at 4MBps to test this and the outgoing line (blue) disappeared from the graph.
This happens on 2.3, 2.4 and 2.4.1 installations.
We have a 40Mbps/40Mbps connection and would like to correct graphical representation.
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jpg Endian2-4-1_TrafficGraphs.jpg (56,476) 2011-05-16 23:13
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2013-02-03 01:47   
Decided to re-visit this and found the issue :)

There is a hard-coded limit for traffic RRD's in /usr/local/bin/
I have change this limit from 1.25Mbps to 1Gbps and confirmed traffic graphs now display correctly.

The following steps change traffic graph limits to 1Gbps and reset the graphs (old data no longer shown).

1. Open /usr/local/bin/
2. Locate "sub updateifdata" function
3. Replace:



4. Delete or rename existing traffic RRD's in /var/log/rrd (eg. RED.rrd, GREEN.rrd)
5. Execute /usr/local/bin/
6. Browse to traffic graphs in EFW web interface and confirm traffic graphs have been reset. You may need to clear your browser cache or press Ctrl+F5
7. Simulate traffic by transferring a large file from yout LAN to your EFW box via SCP and check graphs.
2013-02-03 01:59   
BTW, can you please release this patch as the issue still exists in 2.5.1