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0003873: Sarg is not generating statistics for the "DENIED" sites. - MantisBT
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0003873Endian FirewallLog and Statisticspublic2011-06-08 14:482011-07-01 12:57
0003873: Sarg is not generating statistics for the "DENIED" sites.
Normally when we visit:

firewallip:10443/sarg/ we find the sarg reports, daily, weekly and monthly.

Normally allot of clients get a DENIED page, that can be viewed in the logs, or in livelog but no such record is recorded by sarg.


/sarg/monthly/2011May04-2011May31/denied.html page exist but it's empty.

Normally a customer should browse via the denied.html pages per user finding out what page were denied to X user.
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2011-06-09 12:21   
i think this feature is very usefoul because customers want to know how much endian filtering engine is working and it is also usefoul to compile white list to prevent false-positive filtering (may website include porn word for indexing purpose even if has no porn contents)