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0003981: Virtual image fails under heavy load - MantisBT
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0003981Endian FirewallXenpublic2011-07-13 21:442011-07-13 21:44
0003981: Virtual image fails under heavy load
The virtual appliance fails under heavy load (300+ users). Proxy timeouts and filesystem full creates unpredictable behaviour.

Looking at the system, the root filesystem has only 1.4GB space and this does not seem to be enough.

a) the root partition isn't under LVM. If it was, we could have fixed
this problem easily. Is it possible for Endian to change the root to an LVM

b) This filesystem size seems to be limiting the saleability of the system for some customers. Because the virtual image has fixed partition sizes, this could be a continuing problem. What strategy can we employ to modify Virtual Appliance partition sizes for sites that need larger systems?
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