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0004033: wrong redirection from the / url, when natted - MantisBT
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0004033Endian FirewallGUIpublic2011-07-22 08:282013-11-23 03:34
0004033: wrong redirection from the / url, when natted
endian_appliance: endian appliance on a local network.
public_server: computer on the same local network and with a public IP.

On public_server there's a NAT rule for connections to tcp port 10444, mapping it to endian_appliance:10443

Connecting to https://public_server:10444/ [^] the correct certificates exchange with endian_appliance takes place, but after that the login never appears, since you're redirected to https://local_ip_of_endian_appliance:10443/ [^]
Connecting to https://public_server:10444/manage/dashboard/ [^] (or other /manage/ or /cgi-bin/ urls) works fine.
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