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0004114: Guests are not charged in ASA if the ticket templates are renamed - MantisBT
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0004114Endian FirewallHotspotpublic2011-08-12 17:062011-09-26 08:47
0004114: Guests are not charged in ASA if the ticket templates are renamed
To reproduce:
- create a ticket template on the efw and use it to surf with an asa guest
- check asa >> the amount is charged
- rename the ticket template and create another template with the name equal to the first one
- use it to surf with the same asa guest

- the amount is not charged
Simon's comments:
old postpaid tickets have to get expired for asa users and prepaid tickets not added if there is a prepaid ticket left
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2011-08-12 21:13   
a quickfix for now would be:
- if the asa rate is prepaid:
check if the user has surf time left and only add a ticket if he does not
- if the asa rate is postpaid:
check if the user already has a postpaid ticket.
if it is of the same rate do not add when.
if it is from another rate add one and expire/delete all other postpaid tickets

problem at the moment:
- if the asa rate is changed a user which already logged in once will use the old postpaid ticket, because it is not expired
- on each login a prepaid/postpaid ticket is added which could lead to many ticket entries where for postpaid only the first is used and the rest not