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0004124: proxy.pac syntax error - MantisBT
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0004124Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2011-08-22 17:202011-09-28 11:56
0004124: proxy.pac syntax error
There is a syntax error on line 407 of the proxy.pac file.

Line: else if (isInNet(host, "$netaddr", "$netmask") {

Should be: else if (isInNet(host, "$netaddr", "$netmask")) {

This error causes major issues with clients using WPAD proxy configuration when certain configurations are used.
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2011-08-23 14:15   
In the enterprise-arm version this bug is already fixed while in enterprise-x86 is still there.
2011-08-29 08:19   
First test install proxy.pac worked for me.
but after efw-upgrade does't work.How to check why proxy.pac does't work ?
2011-09-28 11:56   
Balanced parentheses on proxy.pac on efw-proxy 2.4.11.