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0004172: Broken link to malwaredomains - MantisBT
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0004172Endian FirewallProxy DNSpublic2011-09-29 08:412013-08-01 15:46
0004172: Broken link to malwaredomains
There is a hyperlink in the DNS proxy, under "Anti spyware", labelled "Learn more about the spyware listening post". The new link should be either [^] or [^] (here the listening posts are described, so this should be the correct link)
1. go to Proxy --> DNS --> anti spyware
2. click on the "Learn more about the spyware listening post" link.
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2012-07-30 08:03   
This is solved in my last Mini installation:

bash-3.1# rpm -qf /home/httpd/cgi-bin/antispyware.cgi