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0004185: Sometimes /var/log is filled up due to specific services - MantisBT
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0004185Endian FirewallLoggingpublic2011-10-12 15:432011-11-21 14:18
0004185: Sometimes /var/log is filled up due to specific services
We are talking about squid , many times happened that access.log and useragent.log became really big and this because of specific services on the green, i.e

Frequent use of teamviewer
AVG link scanner
and the likes of them...

this services make allot of requests , requests that fill up access.log that consecutively fill up the /var/log

The objective would be:

"Making squid decide to don't log what we don't want to be logged"
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2011-11-17 14:27   
Actually there are many choice in the gui to increase/decrease squid logging..

I've seen other times out of control squid log files that increase their size abnormally.. but those are exception and never reproduced.

In that case the logrotate script was running?
2011-11-17 14:54   
no it's not the case and it's easly reproducible.

The log size has nothing to do as with normal log, if you use services like those nominated in the report you can fill up the log in a short time.