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0004225: Client (net2net) does not accept tunnel config via WebGUI - Cannot connect to VPN - MantisBT
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0004225Endian FirewallOpenVPN Client and Serverpublic2011-12-16 20:302012-04-02 10:24
0004225: Client (net2net) does not accept tunnel config via WebGUI - Cannot connect to VPN
After upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4.1 (via efw-upgrade), tried to config tunnel to configure gw-to-gw VPN to a EFW 2.4.0 OpenVPN Server. After filling all values, and selecting CA, press "save" button, the WebGUI (browser) stays on a connecting to server state and does not save information on the server. The client does not get configure, and server cannot connect to OpenVPN server on the other EFW. Account on OpenVPN server has been created, with same parameters as other EFW's on the network.
Tried removing the tunnel, and creating it again, but the behavior is the same, does not save, does not write configuration to openvpn client.
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2012-01-10 11:21   
Hi Mo_Hong,

I am not able to reproduce this problem.

Can you try to install another VM 2.4.1 (or, even better, a 2.5, which is now available) and try to use it to connect to the 2.4.0?

For me the problem is something wrong on that particular 2.4.1 machine...

Thanks a lot!

2012-01-10 14:56   
Hi Lorenzo,
  I tried again to do the configuration, and the problem persists. I'll follow your recommendation on trying a 2.5 EFW to see if we can solve the issue. I'll be posting as soon as we have the lab done.

2012-04-02 10:24   
Any news on this?