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0004258: Dashboard Service Information POP3 Proxy - ARM - MantisBT
MantisBT - Endian Firewall
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0004258Endian FirewallDashboardpublic2012-01-31 14:322012-06-27 11:27
0004258: Dashboard Service Information POP3 Proxy - ARM
No informations are load from the Service Information Plugin - POP3 Proxy. No couting.

- Message Log are correct:
Jan 31 15:12:19 arm p3scan[25941]: Session done (Clean Exit). Mails: 3 Bytes: 107443 recognized as spam!

and so on.

<Plugin "tail">
  <File "/var/log/messages">
    Instance "pop"
    Missingok "on"
      Regex " p3scan.* Mails: ([0-9]*) Bytes:"
      DSType "CounterAdd"
      Type "connections"
      Instance "scanned"
      Regex " p3scan.*POP3 from.* virus:"
      DSType "CounterInc"
      Type "connections"
      Instance "virus"
      Regex " p3scan.*POP3 from.* as spam!"
      DSType "CounterInc"
      Type "connections"
      Instance "spam"

connections-xxx.rrd are up to date [^]
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png pop3-on-mini-25.png (264,383) 2012-05-10 08:53
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2012-04-03 12:27   
Unable to reproduce on both 2.4 and 2.5: pop 3 proxy information are always correct, on the dashboard.
2012-04-04 11:48   
have you tried it on ARM?

The second test was also negative in the lab... Sorry.
Apr 4 13:29:04 labor p3scan[5323]: Session done (Clean Exit). Mails: 28 Bytes: 1162339

root@labor:~ # cat /var/log/messages | grep spam!
Apr 4 13:24:17 labor p3scan[5323]: POP3 from to from =?iso-8859-1?Q?=22Susannexxx=F6=22?= < user: recognized as spam!

spam and received Hour and Day: 0
With Firefox and IE
2012-05-10 08:56   
I've uploaded a screenshot of a working 2.5 ARM system, which has the efw-dashboard-2.10.2-0.endian5 package installed.

It may be a problem limited to 2.4 ARM.
The other service information plugins collect something, or they are all broken?
2012-06-25 07:27   
another system (2.4 ARM) has problems with the SMTP plugin. My LAB and one customer firewall show also incorrect HTTP hits and only sporadically. Can we work with the 2.5 dashboard package?
2012-06-27 11:27   
another ARM-System 2.4 has the problem on the dashboard with the livelogs.