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0004271: in QoS is not posible to have TOS/DSCP configured to <any> - MantisBT
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0004271Endian FirewallQoSpublic2012-02-05 17:032012-07-26 18:38
0004271: in QoS is not posible to have TOS/DSCP configured to <any>
in 2.4 versions it was posible to leave TOS/DSCP field blank, in 2.5 it is not posible anymore. If left Blank, appears with TOS/Minimize-Delay and when editing the field appears whith DSCP Class - BE default. For easier configuration it may interesting to have the TOS/DSCP field to <any> unless you need to configure it.
Note: the backup from 2.4.1 version keep the any value for the TOS/DSCP field, but when modified the field have TOS/Minimize-Delay as default value (apparently)
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2012-05-15 22:43   
same here, using efw 2.5.1 community
2012-07-26 18:38   
can you see the QoS rules with iptables -t mangle -nvL ?