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0004291: openvpn ldap authentication success with BLANK password and existing username - MantisBT
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0004291Endian FirewallOpenVPN Client and Serverpublic2012-03-05 13:462012-07-09 09:21
0004291: openvpn ldap authentication success with BLANK password and existing username

with openvpn configured with ldap authentication ( [^]) login has success with blank password and correct username (existing).

If username or password are wrong, login gives an authentication error, but if username is correct and password is empty authentication success.

I have tested with 2.4.1 but another user has found the same bug in 2.5.0
( [^]) <- see comments

setting file attached.
A temporary solution (grab from user jesus christ in endian forum) is to add this code:

if password =='': ("FAILED to authenticate user '% s'."% (username))
         unlink (filename)
         sys.exit (1)

befor line: "authBy = authenticate(username, password)" in file /usr/bin/openvpn-auth

or this for 2.5.0 version:

if password == '':"FAILED to authenticate user '%s'." % (username))
         return 1

But the problem is in auth ldap module that return true login without password.
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2012-06-13 14:53   
Hi atlaware,

I am testing the fix of this bug but I am not able to reproduce this problem before applying the fix because all the clients I use prevents me to connect with a blank password.

Can you provide me which client you were using while discovering this problem?

Thanks in advance