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0004294: urlblacklist doesn't have #listcategory tag - MantisBT
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0004294Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2012-03-08 12:052012-03-08 12:06
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0004294: urlblacklist doesn't have #listcategory tag
#listcategory keyword should be placed in every file handled by dansguardian.
The DG weighted files already have this tag and this is why category is detected in logs like this:

Mar 1 15:42:01 kyle dansguardian[-1]: 2012.3.1 15:42:01 [^] *DENIED* Weighted phrase limit of 160 : 8046 (weighted words) GET 42918 8046 Pornography, Pornography (Portuguese), Pornography (German), Pornography (Italian)
, Pornography (Spanish) 1 403 text/html Default Profile (content1) -

As you can see categories are listed because this is the content of dansguardian phrase files:
root@kyle:/etc/dansguardian/phraselists/pornography # head weighted
# Pornography Weighted Phrases
#listcategory: "Pornography"

When a site is detected by the urlblacklist category doesn't appear as you can see from this log file:
Mar 1 12:17:02 kyle dansguardian[-1]: 2012.3.1 12:17:02 [^] *DENIED* Banned site: GET 0 0 1 403 - Default Profile (content1) -Mar 1 12:17:02 kyle dansguardian[-1]: 2012.3.1 12:17:02 [^] *DENIED* Banned site: GET 0 0 1 403 - Default Profile (content1) -


Add for each file in the urlblacklist folder tree the #listcategory tag.
This information is the folder name that includes the urlblacklist and could be modified like below

root@kyle:/etc/dansguardian/blacklists/porn # head domains
#listcategory: "porn (urlblacklist)"
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