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0004307: Time value for Uptime is not displayed correctly - MantisBT
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0004307Endian FirewallGUIpublic2012-03-28 13:372013-02-07 17:25
0004307: Time value for Uptime is not displayed correctly
On the Dashboard the system uptime is shown incorrect.

The value for hours is the total amount of hours the system is up and running, not the value that should be shown when the days are subtracted.
In the attached picture the system uptime is shown as

32 days 790 hours and 46 minutes

Correct calculation would be 32 days 21 hours and 46 minutes
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Fixed in efw-dashboard 2.9.2
2013-02-07 17:24   
I'm running EFW 2.5.1 with efw-dashboard 2.7.10-0, how do I get efw-dashboard 2.9.2? I've tried running efw-upgrade but it just says "no interesting upgrades available"