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0004331: fails to update noip DDNS service - MantisBT
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0004331Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2012-04-11 14:482012-04-20 11:18
0004331: fails to update noip DDNS service
/usr/local/bin/ -f 2 when executed , even if the configuration in the dashboard is correct will not update the DNS entry in no-ip Cpannel (checked personally).

Actually, when checking file, there is not much about noip service.
I tried also by enabling "Anonymous web proxies" but doesn't change.

Now, after generating a config file with /usr/bin/noip -C and running manually /usr/bin/noip -c /root/no-ip2.conf everything worked as a charm and the DNS entry updated instantly.
I suppose something is missing with the script.
Full up to date.
duplicate of 0001542acknowledged  DDNS for does not work 
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