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0004391: System not recognizing Intel nic based on 82574L - MantisBT
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0004391Endian FirewallHardware related (kernel, drivers, hardware)public2012-07-06 01:502013-05-08 01:49
normalblockhave not tried
0004391: System not recognizing Intel nic based on 82574L
Possibly somehow related to issue 0003451

System has two onboard nics, one is Intel 82574L, the other 82579LM. One of those two nics is not seen by 2.5 in networconfiguration but works just without any problems in 2.4...I think both NICs use the e1000e driver.

I've seen a difference in loading network driver as it seems the 2.4 uses 1.2.20-NAPI while 2.5 is loading at the same point 1.0.2-k2.

Any idea?
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2013-05-08 01:49   
This is a kernel module issue that could be resolved by updating the e1000e module to a more recent version.