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0004401: ntop crashes trying to monitor a down state interface ifbX (no more used qos interface) - MantisBT
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0004401Endian FirewallQoSpublic2012-07-26 16:282013-08-28 10:43
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0004401: ntop crashes trying to monitor a down state interface ifbX (no more used qos interface)
Although a QoS interface (ifbX) has been disabled, it results to be still present on the system and ntop tries to monitor it, going drammatically in crash
System reboot seems to be necessary to get it working again.
parent of 0004412resolved daniele-endian Traffic monitoring interface work for only some seconds 
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NTOP crashes also with QoS enabled, this bug could be parent of this other: [^]
2012-08-30 09:44   
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Ntop crashes randomly without any sensible reason.
It seems that REVERSE DNS in "Host > IP client > Last Contacted Peer" doesn't work properly. In the ntop 3.1 was working, not on the 4.1, though "-n 2" option is enabled.