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0004412: Traffic monitoring interface work for only some seconds - MantisBT
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0004412Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2012-08-01 12:582013-08-27 07:16
0004412: Traffic monitoring interface work for only some seconds
Endian version 2.5.1
After I've enabled the traffic monitoring is possible to access on the administrative interface immediatly but for only 30 or 40 seconds then the browser show the following error: "connection refused"
If I swith off and then on the traffic monitoring I can access to the administrative interface for another 30/40 seconds and then "connection refused" again.
The system access rules is ok.

Thank you, best regards.
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child of 0004401closed luca-endian ntop crashes trying to monitor a down state interface ifbX (no more used qos interface) 
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2012-11-13 15:53   
I have the same issue
2013-06-06 22:25   
Any solution?
2013-07-12 11:02   
Hi guys,

please try with the following configuration

root@endian:~ # cat /etc/ntop/ntop.conf.tmpl
--user ntop
--db-file-path /var/ntop
--interface br0,br1,br2
--trace-level 3
--http-server 0
--https-server 3001
--max-table-rows 150
-x 1000

Then do restartntop -f the webinterface with this config should be working fine
2013-08-27 04:55   
above configuration or upgraded to v2.5.2 will solve the issue