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0004415: NTOP / Traffic Monitoring Is Not Working - MantisBT
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0004415Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2012-08-08 05:252013-08-27 07:16
0004415: NTOP / Traffic Monitoring Is Not Working
On Endian Firewall 2.5.1.

The NTOP doesn't work even Intrusion is turned off (some reported this issue may due to Intrusion turned on).
ntop, traffic monitoring
jpg NTOP_Not Working.jpg (118,547) 2012-08-08 05:25

txt NTOP_Error.txt (22,010) 2012-10-24 08:46
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2012-08-08 15:19   
hi mhLearn,

could this issue be the same described in the bug [^] ?

thanks in advance!

2012-10-19 09:34   
Hi Lo,

In my case was worsen, the traffic monitoring was not able to load, error message "unable to connect".

2012-10-19 10:10   
Noticed some said the problem solved after while, eg. [^]

But, how?
2012-10-24 08:48   
Just upload the log, hope someone can help to resolve the problem. I am new to this, don't understand the log.
2012-11-08 11:40   
Installed efw on different computer and traffic monitoring was running perfectly on testing environment, i.e. pc <-> green zone switch <-> efw.

But after putting in environment,

    PCs <-> green zone switch, Orange/Blue router <-> efw <-> 2 Red zones

then it failed to work. Found this error message,

 **ERROR** mVLAN: Host (identical IP/MAC) found on multiple VLANs

What does this mean?
2013-03-11 04:21   
for those that may facing the same problem. Hope below useful to you.

1. Disable the Traffic monitoring.
2. Run ntop from shell
3. Access web through yourfirewall_ip:port. port can be 3000 or 3001.

Good luck
2013-06-06 22:26   
I have the same problem... any solution?
Thank you
2013-07-12 11:02   
Hi guys,

please try with the following configuration

root@endian:~ # cat /etc/ntop/ntop.conf.tmpl
--user ntop
--db-file-path /var/ntop
--interface br0,br1,br2
--trace-level 3
--http-server 0
--https-server 3001
--max-table-rows 150
-x 1000

Then do restartntop -f the webinterface with this config should be working fine
2013-07-19 20:11   
(edited on: 2013-07-20 01:42)
Daniele-endian, I have tried this config and it appears that it has not fixed the issue. ntop appears to be working for a short period of time and then then web interface times out. when it eventually comes back, stats are reset.
Any other suggestion would be appreciated.

UPDATE: This config seems to have made the problem worse, fwiw. Availability of the service is even less now. Virtually non-existent even after the restart of ntop

UPDATE-RESOLVED: It appears that if you modify the ntop option so that the web interface is accessible via HTTP rather then HTTPS, everything works fine

2013-08-26 08:17   
Please try with 2.5.2
2013-08-26 09:54   
it is working after changed according to provided configuration from daniele-endian.
2013-08-27 04:52   
it's working fine in 2.5.2
2013-08-27 07:15   
Ok, many thanks for the feedback. I close this bug.