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0004432: modprobe: FATAL: Module xfrm_user not found. - MantisBT
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0004432Endian FirewallVPN IPSecpublic2012-08-28 14:502012-09-25 15:39
0004432: modprobe: FATAL: Module xfrm_user not found.
Aug 28 16:43:21 cartman ipsec_starter[28813]: Starting strongSwan 4.5.3 IPsec [starter]...
Aug 28 16:43:21 cartman modprobe: FATAL: Module xfrm_user not found.
I made this discovery as one customer said that before l2tp was working and now not anymore, not sure if this have anything to do with it.

To reproduce: just restart ipsec?
(the current configuration was just a standard l2tp one)

# rpm -qa | grep ipsec
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 (0008202) ardit-endian (developer) - 2012-09-19 14:52 [^]
I'm adding also this which happens during the ipsec start:

Sep 19 14:50:13 hotspot_Bs_02 pluto[18102]: failed to load pkcs11 module