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0004441: Proxy Maximum upload/download size not working - MantisBT
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0004441Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2012-08-29 11:282013-09-20 09:00
0004441: Proxy Maximum upload/download size not working
When we set the limit, example 6000 / 6000 or 10000 / 10000 which actually means 10MB, the bigger files are blocked correctly however no webpage could be visited, either light ones like
Reproduced with 2.5, to reproduce, just set the limits and try to navigate.
I did notice on the logs anything relevant except a warning:
2012/08/29 12:26:52| WARNING: No units on 'request_body_max_size 10000KB', assuming 10000.000000 bytes

which actually doesn't say much.

A customer reproduced this on different firewalls, actually he didn't had this issue with 2.4
duplicate of 0004270acknowledged  'Maximum download size' proxy setting does not work 
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Good morning! Please, I have this same problem (EFW 2.5.2). I wonder if there is a fix for this bug. Or at least, how it could make a manual correction. Can I edit the squid.conf file directly? Thank you, Luciano.