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0004461: keep # of archives doesn't work - MantisBT
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0004461Endian FirewallOther Scriptspublic2012-10-05 14:542012-10-05 14:54
0004461: keep # of archives doesn't work
The autobackup script which implements the "keep # of archives" in the scheduled backups screen doesn't work. Endian keeps all backups and the drive fills up.
This is caused because the backup directory was moved from /home/httpd/html/backup to /var/backups
The script still refers to the old location and needs to be updated.
In the meantime the least intrusive fix is to issue the following command:
ln -s /var/backups/ /home/httpd/html/backup
This creates a symlink between the 2 locations so anything referencing the new location isn't interrupted and anything referencing the new location is sent to the new one.
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