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0004474: PPPoE Interface uses as IP - MantisBT
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0004474Endian FirewallEndian Networkpublic2012-10-26 15:452012-11-09 11:12
0004474: PPPoE Interface uses as IP
Problem: The transparent proxy of my 4G provider (vodafone) rewrites Images in HTML to its webcache. The cache servers have,, etc.
Endian uses this IP (I suspect) internally and then does not route to my 4G uplink.
As a result no images show in the browser.
create PPPoE uplink.
look at
root@efw:~ # ip addr
the ethX device gets
ip addr del dev ethX

I did not notice any adverse effects, but after a while (not rebooting) the address somehow gets reassigned and I have to delete it again.
pppoe, uplink
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2012-11-09 11:12   
This got a little annoying lately.
Here is what I did to fix it:

edit /usr/lib/uplinks/generic/

< ifconfig $PPPOEDEV netmask broadcast up 2> /dev/null
> ifconfig $PPPOEDEV netmask broadcast up 2> /dev/null

This should be fixed as is no longer BOGON and never was a private address.
I used an auto-configuration IP so you could access the firewall via red if DHCP fails. Maybe a smarter way of assigning an IP is required.