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0000449: Content filter + antivirus scan not working - MantisBT
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0000449Endian FirewallApplication Level Proxiespublic2008-01-11 10:582011-03-14 06:34
0000449: Content filter + antivirus scan not working
Content filter + antivirus when y try download virus file dont block
Sorry for english [^]
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Using the secure, SSL enabled protocol https or http ?
2011-03-14 06:34   
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I'm also finding that after a fresh install, only GREEN + RED, when antivirus scanning is enabled, and the default antivirus policy + http proxy is enabled, first antivirus service wont start at all, no traffic would pass at all. I had to delete some files and run some commands to get the update from the console (freshclam), then after I did get it working, I went here [^]
and only the text file is blocked as a virus.

Update: I had to clear my proxy cache, now it works fine and catches all 4 files. However, the fresh install issue stands. No traffic will flow with http proxy enabled. It's got a corrupt db, maybe after the first update or right out of the box. That's where the root cause is.