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0000452: Multiple Uplinks, Ports Not Being Forwarded from Uplink1 - MantisBT
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0000452Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2008-01-11 23:152009-10-27 12:04
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0000452: Multiple Uplinks, Ports Not Being Forwarded from Uplink1
I'm not sure if this is a bug or configuration error on my part.

I have two uplinks. I haven't attempted load-balancing yet, Endian always uses my second uplink for internet connectivity.

External Access rules work just fine when connecting to Endian (from home) through uplink1 or 2. Port forwarding rules on uplink2 work just fine, including those set to use any uplink.
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duplicate of 0000439closed peter-endian portforwarded packets coming from a secondary uplink return through the default gateway 
related to 0000543closed peter-endian Port Forwarding not working 
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2008-01-12 23:13   
(edited on: 2008-01-12 23:16)
I have 8 public IP addresses from Be Internet.
These are all configured on the main uplink.
Only the port forwarding to the main IP address works.
The port forwarding on the other "aliases" fail to respond.
(I would say this is more than a minor problem)

2008-02-04 15:18   
Issue fixed in 2.2-beta3. This should work now
2008-02-11 06:29   
we are having the same problem. Port forwarding not working on beta 3