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0004531: Policy Routing not working with HTTP Proxy turned on - MantisBT
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0004531Endian FirewallProxy HTTPpublic2013-02-19 00:352013-02-19 00:50
0004531: Policy Routing not working with HTTP Proxy turned on
Network Policy Routing does not work when HTTP Proxy is enabled and access is through the HTTP Proxy (only tested transparent proxy).
Setup 2 WAN (Red) interfaces.
Enable HTTP Proxy and set to transparent on Green.
Create a Policy Route to route HTTP traffic via the additional uplink (not the main one).
Go to to see your IP address. It's still that of the main uplink.
Turn off the HTTP Proxy or change to non-transparent on Green.
Go to to see your IP address. Notice that it is now of the additional uplink (as it should be).
Product version is 2.5.1
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2013-02-19 00:48   
Having done some further research I worked out the issue and arguably it's "by design". The Policy Routing takes place AFTER the HTTP Proxying and due to this you need to have the FROM set to LOCAL in your Policy Routing rule. The policy routing then works fine.

There is still a problem when you want for example to have everything from your DMZ Orange network going via a different uplink. There is no way to specify a Policy Routing rule to make everything from the DMZ go via a different uplink using Policy Routing if you're proxying the HTTP traffic from the DMZ. Perhaps this is more a documentation issue rather than anything else.
2013-02-19 00:50   
This issue is effectively a duplicate of issue 4353 and issues 3305. Issue 3305 explains the solution.