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0004532: 2.5.1 DNS issue openvpn - MantisBT
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0004532: 2.5.1 DNS issue openvpn
I have installed 2.5.1 several times now on different hardware and version 2.5.1 will not push DNS serves to clients. Clients can ping and get to servers by IP but not FQDN. If I install 2.5.0 it pushes the DNS servers every time. It looks to us that the OpenVPN version is the same in both versions so why does one version push DNS and the other does not?

Any suggestions before I rebuild to 2.5.0?
Install 2.5.1 with same OpenVPN settings and firewall rules as 2.5.0.
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Work around:

Add these lines for each DNS server you want to push to


push "dhcp-option DNS 10.X.X.X"
push "dhcp-option DNS 10.X.X.X"

Then when you restart the OpenVPN server the changes stick in /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf
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Where are these client authenticating from, locally or thru LDAP?
I've found that the username characters case is a issue for VPN and also using # character as the first character in your password.


Username- Doej vs doej - Doej gets no DNS options while doej gets a different IP address and gets DNS options. Theoretically they are the same user but Endian doesn't see it that way, just the beauty of unix at work.

Password- #Joedoe1 - Pound/Number sign causes Endian to ignore password submitted. Maybe because pound is the character to notify system to ignore or treat following as a comment.