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0004545: error squid_ldap_group - MantisBT
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0004545Endian FirewallProxy - HTTPpublic2013-05-07 13:212013-06-29 19:10
WindowsWindows Server 2008 R2
0004545: error squid_ldap_group
Hello guys,

I started to test the Endian 2.5.1 and enjoyed. Currently I'm testing on a VM in Hyper-v. Well, already configured for integration with Active Directory and is listing the users and groups usually ok communication. I began to configure some access policies for a group of AD and early functioned properly, but after some time the policies do not work anymore and blocked everything, just out of nowhere. Since this policy is like first. When running a tail-f / var / log / squid / cache.log appear the following errors:

user filter '(&(objectClass=person)(sAMAccountName=squid))', searchbase 'dc=edusoft,dc=net'
attempting to authenticate user 'CN=squid,CN=Users,DC=edusoft,DC=net'
Connected OK
group filter '(&(objectClass=person)(sAMAccountName=squid)(memberOf=CN=Suporte,OU=Groups Edusoft,OU=Edusoft,DC=edusoft,DC=net))', searchbase 'dc=edusoft,dc=net'
squid_ldap_group WARNING, LDAP search error 'Operations error'
Connected OK
group filter '(&(objectClass=person)(sAMAccountName=squid)(memberOf=CN=Administrators,CN=Builtin,DC=edusoft,DC=net))', searchbase 'dc=edusoft,dc=net'

At another time also appeared the message:

Can't contact LDAP server

It seems that error is occurring in the validation of the AD group, but when I edit an access policy appears normally AD users and groups.

Any idea what it might be?

After login and navigate the links, after some time the links are blocked released.
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2013-06-29 19:10   
I am not familiar with endian firewall, but I got the same error before when I ran squid in a linux box, I had to add "-R" option to squid_ldap_group helper, then issue solved.