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0004557: Invalid data goes from web-GUI to mail-relay config files - MantisBT
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0004557Endian FirewallProxy - SMTPpublic2013-07-28 19:382014-04-30 15:36
0004557: Invalid data goes from web-GUI to mail-relay config files
If SMTP proxy has to relay e-mails to a different mailserver and that server listens on a non-standard SMTP port, then you must enter the port number after the destination host in the Postfix config files in this format: [x.x.x.x]:xxxxx
If IP-address and port number is entered in this format to the "Mailserver IP" text-box at "Proxy > SMTP > Incoming domains > Add a domain" page, then config files (etc/postfix/transport and /etc/postfix/relay_domains) will have this invalid format: [[x.x.x.x]:xxxxx]
This makes Postfix unable to relay e-mails to the destination host. Manual correction of config files must be done after every apply or restart.
1.) Open EFW web-GUI.
2.) Go to "Proxy > SMTP > Incoming domains > Add a domain" page.
3.) Enter an incoming domain and a Mailserver IP with non-standard SMTP port, for example: []:2525
4.) Click on Add button.
5.) After adding incoming domain, check these Postifx config files: etc/postfix/transport and /etc/postfix/relay_domains
6.) SMTP destination host is in invalid format: [[]:2525]
7.) Postfix can not use invalid format to relay e-mails.
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