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0000047: upstream proxy with authentication doesn't work - MantisBT
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0000047Endian FirewallUncategorizedpublic2006-11-10 16:542007-01-02 07:53
0000047: upstream proxy with authentication doesn't work
If you use upstream proxy with username and password, it seems that user:pass was never been written to squid.conf file (it should be "cache_peer X.X.X.X blah blah... login=user:pass blah blah...").
I digged into advproxy.cgi and found something wrong. Staring form line 2999 or somewhere around, the variable $auth_info was then mistyped into $authinfo (or vice versa :D). Just adjust them into $auth_info then it worked.

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2006-11-10 16:55   
Sorry for my bad English. :D
2006-11-16 15:30   
Thank you for the solution.

Is fixed in the next Release