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0000528: pppcall fifo syncorinsation blocking issue - MantisBT
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0000528Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2008-01-28 19:162008-02-02 07:28
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0000528: pppcall fifo syncorinsation blocking issue
assume pppcall has been started by the uplinks script and pppcall started pppd.

another process calls uplinks stop, which tears down the same uplink. The stop script kills the pppd process (TERM) and sends notifications to uplinksdaemon and pppcall (process A).
Since pppd has been terminated and should exit, it calls ip-down, which also sends notifications and writes to the fifo (process B).

In that moment it is not synchronized which process writes first to the pppcall fifo, therefore it happens that both processes (A and B) write to the fifo at the same time.

One process, let's say process A will successfully write to the fifo, which causes pppcall to exit.
after pppcall successfully get a notification message from the fifo it tries to destroy the fifo before exiting.
This will not work, because the fifo is open by process B, which tries to write to it.

Since pppcall exits there is no fifo reader and process B will wait infinitely during write.

Possible (?) solution: send the pppcall notification only if the PPID is that one of the pppd process.
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