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0000536: Intrusion Detection System (Snort) does not retain setting it to "Sourcefire VRT rules for registered users" - MantisBT
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0000536Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2008-02-02 00:542009-10-27 12:03
0000536: Intrusion Detection System (Snort) does not retain setting it to "Sourcefire VRT rules for registered users"
I set Intrusion Detection System to "Sourcefire VRT rules for registered users", enter my Oink code, click Download New Ruleset and the rules seem to download properly. I then click Save. But when I go to other parts of the GUI and come back to the Intrusion Detection System page, the setting appears to be reset to "Community rules (no subscription needed)" instead of "Sourcefire VRT rules for registered users." After selecting "Sourcefire VRT rules for registered users" again and clicking Save, the problem persists as I navigate to other pages and then come again to the IDS page.
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related to 0000732closed lukas-endian Snort kann nicht aktualisiert werden 
related to 0000583closed peter-endian Snort Rules Location Incorrect? 
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2008-05-09 17:49peter-endianRelationship addedrelated to 0000732
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