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0000550: Clamav and Snort don't update - MantisBT
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0000550Endian FirewallOther Servicespublic2008-02-05 20:292008-04-23 17:41
0000550: Clamav and Snort don't update

I installed Endian Firewall ver 2.2 beta 3 and is imposible what Clamav and Snort update.
My configuration is the following
Red: Mask: Gateway:

I haven't a Real IP as you see for this reason i navegate through the on proxy

Why Clamav and Snort don't update?

I can navegate through of this proxy.
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? efw-clamav-2.2.44-0.endian4.i586.rpm (14,440) 2008-02-08 15:12
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2008-02-08 15:07ra-endianTarget Version => 2.2-rc1
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2008-03-14 10:23ra-endianResolutionopen => fixed
2008-04-23 17:41peter-endianStatusresolved => closed

2008-02-08 15:13   
thank you for the report.

i have attached the new rpm file that should fix the clamav update issue.
2008-02-08 21:08   
i probe.