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0000056: Slow Bootup - MantisBT
MantisBT - Endian Firewall
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0000056Endian FirewallSecuritypublic2006-12-09 14:162007-12-31 19:15
0000056: Slow Bootup
My endian fw take many time for boot ( five minute)
it seems that would be clamav
have you any solution for this problem.
Thanks you
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2006-12-09 14:16pepsieNew Issue
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2006-12-21 16:27   
this issue has some dependencies which we need to fix before in order to reorganize bootscripts that it boots faster.
2007-10-28 14:31   
version 2.2 boot within about 2 minutes :)
Ans well, it has a newer clamav, which was the root of all evil.