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0000598: zonefw, system access: up/down arrow at bottom/top is to much - MantisBT
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0000598Endian FirewallGUIpublic2008-03-05 11:152008-04-23 17:41
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0000598: zonefw, system access: up/down arrow at bottom/top is to much
if the rule is on top, the up arrow should not be displayed.
same on bottom
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patch hide_arrows.patch (1,385) 2008-03-05 11:39
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2008-03-05 11:42   
attached is a patch which would fix this bug. BUT:

the style of zonefw and system access editors differs from the other editors outgoingfw, vpnfw, policy routing

now the rule lists of zonefw and system access look nicer than that of the others. but the action icons there are in 1 td, while on the other firewalls each icon has its own td.
therefore the other firewalls can hide the up/down buttons where they do not make sense. on osystem access and zone firewall hiding that buttons will destroy the layout.