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0000613: ipsec.cgi: no special characters allowed in PSK key string - MantisBT
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0000613Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2008-03-10 18:222008-09-10 15:44
0000613: ipsec.cgi: no special characters allowed in PSK key string
When you use IPSEC with pre-shared key, you cannot enter ANY characters as I want in the PSK fields.
For Example "%" or "^" are not valid characters.
IPSEC implementaion specifies tha all the ascii table can be used.
In my case I have to connect my endian box (community but will be commercial IF everything works) to a vpn endpoint which supplies me the PSK, I can't modify it.
I manually modified the PSK in the console, I'd like to know if this is the correct solution.
And, I'd like to know where too look for logs about ipsec/ipsec vpn.
I can't find anything about the handshake and so on.
Is IPsec fully supported?

Thanks, Mattia

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2008-05-16 18:37   
special characters are possible now.
have a connection with such a PSK key up and running:
@remote @local : PSK "test$bl%ah!lala_hihi^12318237"