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0000660: Content filtering does not work - MantisBT
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0000660Endian FirewallApplication Level Proxiespublic2008-04-06 07:152009-10-27 12:03
0000660: Content filtering does not work
I installed this version, configured the content filtering parameters, but when I add a rule to the default policy Endian answer with its proxy screen with a refused connection.
PC used:
  - IBM NetVista 40Gb HD, 256Mb RAM
  - Compaq 40Gb HD, 256Mb RAM
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duplicate of 0000658closed ra-endian dansguardian: Blocks during blacklist sorting, results in "connection refused" 
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2008-04-11 02:10   
I had the same problem. When I tried running it from the terminal, it was complaining about the following files not existing:


I just created zero length files and dansguardian seems to work ok now.