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0000674: Allow "GREEN" to be defined during text mode installation. - MantisBT
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0000674Endian FirewallInstallationpublic2008-04-11 02:182009-02-07 23:53
0000674: Allow "GREEN" to be defined during text mode installation.
I really like how the first phase of the setup is so quick and painless delegating the majority of the settings to the http client. However, the NIC that it chooses as my "GREEN" port by default is always wrong! Then I'm fooling around with cables (cause I never remember which one it was from last time I installed :)

It would be nice if the text mode installer would allow the GREEN to be chosen up front so that network cables could remain plugged in on initial boot.


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2008-04-14 19:57   
After installation every device is GREEN. (it's a bridge)
You can connect the device which you want and then deselect the other devices which should not be part of GREEN.

When you connect only one cable you can use the link check in order to know which device is your connected one

Implementing the same functionality also as text tool is simply to much work for functionality which is not often needed.
2008-04-14 22:59   
So are you saying that the webserver is listening on all NICs? What is this "link check" that you speak of?

My point in the "feature" request is that it would be nice to specify which NIC the webserver should listen on. The way I do it now is I have to fiddle with network cables until I find the "right" nic.

IPCop has a more elaborate text mode setup than this request, so that is why I thought the simpler one (what I suggested) would be nice.
2008-04-17 15:20   
The webserver listens on every interface
You define with firewall system access rules from where you want to deny access

Within interface selectors you see if an interface has a link or not (Column with caption "Link", or caption extension (LINK, NO LINK))
So you see for every interface if a cable is attached and has a link.

The text mode setup is not bulky if you want to be able to preinstall firewalls and configure them later.
2008-10-13 20:59   
I'm not sure I understand this. I just reinstalled again, how is it that every interface is green? Are you telling me if I'm just patient enough I will eventually be able to hit the webserver? Normally I fiddle with cables till I find one that responds to ping on the green address. Please elaborate.

2008-10-13 21:38   
I dont see this either and I've gone from 2.0 to 2.2.rc3. I have to move the LAN cable around till I find the one that is green. Then I can reset the ports up the way I like. Even if I restore a backup it doesnt retain which port is what zone.

The single green seems to change every version. I have two Intel NICs (10/100 and 10/100/1000) on the motherboard and a PCI 4 port 10/100. I only use 3 of them (blue, green and red).
2009-02-07 23:53   
Any more info on this?