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0000688: NAT : Time rules / Conditions - MantisBT
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0000688Endian FirewallFirewall (iptables)public2008-04-18 14:252010-09-24 09:07
0000688: NAT : Time rules / Conditions
* Include the possibility to open/close NAT :

 - at predefined times
   I.E. NAT for VPN access, each day between 9am and 10pm

 - heartbeat conditions
   I.E. default NAT port 80 goes to webserver A; when the webserver A is offline, the NAT rule change automaticaly for webserver B. (like failover)

 - other....
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2008-05-20 07:32   
For time condition, we can use the patch time like :

iptables -A INPUT -m time --timestart 9:00 --timestop 22:00 -j ACCEPT