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0000692: Traffic Shaping - MantisBT
MantisBT - Endian Firewall
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0000692Endian FirewallNetwork related (VPN, uplinks)public2008-04-18 23:332009-10-27 12:03
0000692: Traffic Shaping
The interface for WonderShaper makes it look like you can cap Downlink Speed and Uplink speed at a certain rate. This isn't true (or doesn't work).
Including actual throttling settings is useful. Although traffic shaping is appropriate for most situations, throttles can prevent users from overstepping ISP quotas- for instance I have a 1.5Mbit satellite connection with a 17GB/30days ISP threshold (after which service is not guaranteed). I have to throttle to 128Kbit/s to keep my users from over stepping their bandwidth cap in a week.

A simple [tc qdisc add dev eth1 root handle ed:0 tbf rate 128kbit burst 5000 latency 100ms] did the trick for me, and then I use wondershaper to keep that 128kbits low latency during usage (eth1 is my DMZ, this throttles traffic into the DMZ).

A built in tool would be handy

Cheers, Ed
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2008-05-09 17:56   
traffic priorisation is not implemented