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0000697: dial.cgi: dial user is useless, main.cgi is only accessible with admin - MantisBT
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0000697Endian FirewallGUIpublic2008-04-22 09:472009-10-27 12:03
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0000697: dial.cgi: dial user is useless, main.cgi is only accessible with admin
main.cgi is only accessible with user admin,.
hotspot-dial.cgi is only for hotspot
there is no more cgi for the dial user, it should do the same as hotspot-dial.cgi
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2008-04-22 09:47peter-endianNew Issue
2008-04-22 10:01ra-endianTarget Version2.2-beta4 => 2.2-rc1
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2008-04-30 18:26lukas-endianStatusassigned => resolved
2008-04-30 18:26lukas-endianFixed in Version => 2.2-rc1
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2008-04-30 18:26lukas-endianNote Added: 0001106
2009-10-27 12:03peter-endianStatusresolved => closed

2008-04-30 18:26   
dial user is allowed to access dial.cgi and redirects to main.cgi.

In 2.3 the dial user will probably get its own dial.cgi again, similar to the hotspot-dial.cgi

SVN: Rev. 13058
RPM: apache-1.3.33-7.endian33